1. After signing his new contract (x)

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  2. thewizardofcros87:

    so my ex history teacher hate paulie

    like excuse me


    this paul martin?


    who golfs barefoot?


    who’s an american hero?


    who tickles babies’ feet?


    it’s impossible to hate this cupcake


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  3. tazerandkaner:

    Everything’s a competition between Patrick^2 [x]

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  4. gordie-wowe:

    From the Colorado Avalanche snapchat.

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  6. sidneyc:

    head pat from the captain after a hat trick

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  8. erikkarlsson65:


    erik karlsson is better at tumblr than me. he’s already rich, why does he have to take this away from me too?

    Sorry, I am not better at tumblr than you, you are doing just fine, please keep it up just try every day to improve yourself; searching for improvement is part of being being kind to yourself.

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  9. Condolences to the Crosbys :(

  10. pensfan4lfe:

    It’s been TOO LONG DUPER!!

  12. teamlazy18:

    Oh potash 😂😂😂 lets be real you missed dupers.

  13.  Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers in Pittsburgh, Friday, Feb. 7, 2014. 

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  15. mycaptaintazer:

    Steal his look: Milan Lucic

    piece of shit: priceless

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